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So, you think you can trance?
The perfect storm of trance and progressive house is about to hit San Francisco on December 15th and his name is AUDIEN! This young DJ is about to unleash his wrath onto the city by the bay, but this kind of storm is a pleasant one. While the entire EDM industry is fascinated with this promising star, we get a chance to be the first to hear him headline in San Francisco! So be ready for a unique style of trance and progressive house that is long overdue for a come back! With his incredible talent, Audien has  created a revival of trance music in style! Dont miss a special set that will leave you mesmorized!

Opening DJ sets by two very talented gentlemen - Dirtryhertz (11pm-12am)  and Techminds (10pm-11pm).
WARNING: We party really, really hard.
highlights from our last show at Harlot! It got a little crazy ;)
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Footage from a recent SELECT Entertainment show at Harlot. Watch and see!
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